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Life at DGSD


Academic Calendar


YSD Jargon

Iseman Theater, flexible performance space at the Holcombe T. Green, Jr. Hall at 1156 Chapel Street

149 York
Registrar, Admissions, and Financial Aid offices; Scene Paint Shop; Center for Collaborative Arts and Media (CCAM), formerly Digital Media Center for the Arts (DMCA); rehearsal rooms; Stage Management student offices, Business Office, costume collection;sound cage.

212 York Street
Faculty offices of the Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism department ANNEX

205 Park Street (The 'Annex')
Design and Sound studios, Robertson Computer lab, classrooms.
        Annex 101
        Lighting and sound lab
        Annex 102 
        seminar classroom, first floor 

        Annex 202
        classroom, second floor

217 Park Street (The Cabaret Building)
       Billiards Room
       seminar classroom

       The Studio (101)
       classroom, performance space

       Director’s Room (206)

Drama 50s

Classroom project comprising of company-created collaborations involving first-year actors, directors, dramaturgs, and playwrights.


The undergraduate Dramatic Association with offices at 222
York Street.

The EX

Formerly known as the Experimental Theatre. In the basement of the University Theatre (UT), 222 York Street.


The lobby/lounge on the first floor of 222 York Street.

Life Drawing Room

Room 122 at 149 York Street, behind the paint shop.


New Play Lab, one-act plays written by first-year playwrights.


The Old Sound Room, classroom space on the third floor of the Cabaret Building.


The School of Management on Prospect Street.


Studio Productions: projects that include the Thornton Wilder Festival of One-Act Plays by first-year playwrights and the Langston Hughes Festival of New Plays by second-year playwrights.


Shakespeare Repertory Projects: verse projects from Shakespeare’s plays selected by second-year directors.


Classroom/performance space above the Cabaret at 217 Park Street.